Agenda and Topics

Workshop Agenda and Topics


1. THE PAIN: Why does PowerPoint suffer from such a bad reputation? Why are people so annoyed by it? You might think it’s because the program is so difficult to use, but in fact, it’s just the opposite. Identifying the areas where we misuse the software and the technology is the first step toward a cure.

2. SURVIVAL SKILLS FOR THE NON-DESIGNER: How can you design good work with ridiculous deadlines, last-minute changes, crazed bosses, and oh yes, no background in design? In this hour, we’ll show you…

3. GLOBAL CONTROLS: Most content creators have passing familiarity with layouts and use of templates, but not enough aptitude to take advantage of them as they should. That all changes in this hour.

4. REAL-WORLD MAKEOVERS: For the busy professional for whom everything is due yesterday,

LUNCH, provided for all patrons


4. ANIMATION THAT ILLUMINATES: When you think of animation, do you think of flying bullets and spiraling headlines? Most people do…sigh. In fact, your best opportunity to shine as a content creator and presenter is through smart use of animation and in this hour, we’ll explore exactly what that is.

5. INTELLIGENT PRESENTATIONS: We blend three of the most under-utilized aspects of PowerPoint to introduce techniques that are so powerful, your head might explode. This hour is all about the art and the science of crafting more interactive and flexible presentations.

6. PRESENTING FOR DUMMIES: You do not have to be a natural to be a good public speaker and you don’t have to be a speaker at all to take these tips back home with you and help everyone in your organization who does speak before an audience.

Weaved into each of these sessions is generous Q&A time, and whenever possible, examples taken from work submitted by the patrons attending the workshop. You will be out before 4:00p.

Here is what you will take away
and be able to implement right away:

  • Why so many well-intended presenters do not connect with their audience and what they can do to solve this.
  • How the conventional way that many companies tell their story in a presentation might be the exact wrong way to do it.
  • The simple principles of slide design that all content creators can adopt, even if they have no background in the arts.
  • The incredible power of motion and animation and the important responsibility it holds for the presenter.
  • How to use PowerPoint’s tools to best define, distinguish, and highlight the important points that presenters need to make.
  • The power of templates and layouts and the value of managing multiple layouts in a presentation file.
  • The commands and the program shortcuts that truly do save time and effort, and the ones that are just a waste.
  • The specific tactics and behaviors that all presenters can employ, even if they have no natural affinity for working in public.
  • How to resist the eye candy and silly toys that are responsible for Death by PowerPoint millions of times each day.