A hybrid experience in learning, insight, and community building

Schedule of Seminars and Events

Here is our schedule of keynotes, seminars, workshops, and other events that you can watch on demand.

The Artistry

MAKEOVERS: Before-and-after slides from work that you submit to us (Our artists charge thousands of dollars for this work; you could get it at no additional charge.)

SUPER-SIMPLE slide design

TOO MUCH TEXT: Solutions to text-heavy presentations

I HATE SALES: How to design sales slides even if you hate it

STORYTAPPING: Share the part of you that is most unique



The Science

BEYOND PIE CHARTS: How to create and implement unique data visualizations

POWERPOINT FOR PRINT: Don’t just create slides; create drool-worthy print documents

TEMPLATE REVIEW: The Top 10 things to know about good template creation

VOCAL HEALTH: Taking care of your voice is key to your career!

MICROLEARNING: Quick-learning modules is all the rage and PowerPoint is a great tool to create them

SURF WITH ME: Internet tools you didn’t know that you needed and will soon realize you can’t live without

PIC TRICKS: Our experts know a thousand of them

SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE! Incorporating foreign languages into your slides


ANIMATION FOR SMALL SCREENS: What are the tricks to creating effective motion in virtual presentations? Our experts know.

WHERE DID MY AUDIENCE GO?? Can you create audience-centric messages in the virtual realm. We say yes.

BURNOUT-FREE DESIGN: Intense and creative work takes time, takes talent, and takes a toll. Our coaching team offers practical advice on how to keep designing and avoid Zoom fatigue.

FAVORITE GADGETS: The sun never sets on the new tech available for virtual presenting

FROM THE HOLODECK: Are you ready for a  hologram to deliver your next keynote? Are you ready to be that hologram? The time just might be now.