A hybrid experience in learning, insight, and community building


Experience all of the learning and discoveries that took place, along with an almost-magical transcendence of the virtual space. Available until March, 2022 — scroll down for complete information.


Stay tuned for news about next year’s conference and a year-long celebration for Season No. 20.

A Unique Experience

No other conference on the planet shines a spotlight this bright and this strong on the presentation experience.


Successful presentations are about more than software. They are about crafting sharp messages, creating intelligent design, employing smart PowerPoint techniques, and developing comfort before an audience. The Summit offers all of this at levels you won’t find anywhere else.


We deliver insight, inspiration, and community to create a conference experience that you will remember forever. Our breadth of coverage, depth of expertise, willingness to help, and passion for creating engagement all add up to a business conference that is completely unlike any other you will attend.


Spend three days with us and never look at a presentation project the same way again. Three days and immediately distinguish yourself from 99% of the people creating or delivering presentations today.

Since 2003, the Summit has delivered on all three of these promises. Even as an on-demand virtual experience, the opportunities for learning are unprecedented.

Affordable, Accessible, Invaluable

Continuing a tradition of being one of the best values in end-user education, the Presentation Summit has maintained small business-friendly pricing since its inception in 2003.

Main Conference

$ 495
  • All seminars and workshops, captured in high def, just as they appeared live
  • All Chat maintained
  • Searchable database of fellow participants
  • On-demand recordings available until March 2022

Optional Courses

$ 169
  Per course
  • Two-hour deep dives into fundamental topics
  • Access to instructors for follow-up questions
  • The perfect jumpstart to the conference

Travel and Lodging

$ 0
  Per night

Sneak Previews

The following videos are being made available to all, to give you an idea of the content, as well as the tone and spirit, of the virtual component of the conference.

PowerPoint H.O.R.S.E.

When one of our keynote speakers was a Covid no-show, it turned out to be quite a favor as it spawned one of the more creative hours in conference history. With just 72 hours to prepare, the team conceived and staged a contest based on the “anything you can do I can do better” game of basketball. The twist: the judges were corrupt. (This is a full clip of the entire session; enjoy!)

Our 2021 Partners

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