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“My Best Book Yet”

There are plenty of books that will teach you beginning PowerPoint, but far fewer for those who already know the basics. And for those who struggle with message, visuals, or with working efficiently, there might only be one…this one.

Across over 340 pages, Altman holds nothing back about why the presentations industry suffers from a bad reputation and the role that end users have in that reputation. He also writes with authority and eloquence about the solutions to these problems.

While full of illustrations, step-by-step instructions, and dozens of references to downloadable examples, this is also a book that you can simply sit down and read. Over three dozen QR codes creating access to videos and other rich media will invite you to keep your smartphone handy as you read.

“I was a writer before I was a computer guy,” Altman says, “so I would like to think that, if nothing else, my books are a good read. Even if you disagree with everything I say, you should still come away entertained by it.” Altman has been entertaining his literary audiences for nearly 25 years.

This book is for users of all versions of PowerPoint.

The Third Edition:

A smarter and more efficient read

It’s almost scary to consider how quickly and how steeply the presentation community has grown up around us since the second edition, which wasn’t that long ago. A search through the previous edition shows that we mentioned Facebook and LinkedIn twice. We made zero references to an iPad. Prezi and SlideRocket? Dream on…

The third edition changes all of that, as we blend tried-and-true principles of presentation design and PowerPoint technique with the dizzying advancements in authoring and delivery technology.

The book is leaner—about 50 pages lighter and $10 cheaper—and yet more robust at the same time. The companion website is heartier than ever, with more reference files, practice slides, and supporting media. And with over three dozen QR codes sprinkled throughout, your smartphone or iPad can bring the digital to the pulp more easily than ever before. And if you prefer just digital, you can order the book in PDF, ePub, or Kindle versions.

We trimmed only around the edges, offering full treatment to our bread-and-butter topics, such as Part III, Survival Skills for the Non-Designer. We know that most presentation content creators do not have a degree in graphic design or any formal background in the arts. Yet they are required to create engaging visual content on a daily basis. We devote five robust chapters to the topics and issues that we think are most salient to those tasked with presentation and slide design. Here is a sample chapter from that part.

We have revisited every example, every screen image, and every topic to ensure that they remain timely, relevant, and useful. And finally, we have created dedicated electronic versions in ePub and Kindle formats.

To buy a copy, print or electronic, search Amazon for "PowerPoint" and "Suck" (it will be the first on the list!), or CLICK HERE.

Twenty Seven Chapters of Insight, Advice, and Entertainment

Part One:
The Pain

1. The 30-Minute Syndrome
2. The Cram-Everything-In Obsession
3. Look at Me!!
4. Is Your Message Upside-Down?
5. Bitter Backgrounds
6. The Scourge of Custom Animation
7. Can PowerPoint Make You Stupid?

Part Two:
The Solution

8. Surviving Bullets
9. Thriving with Masters and Layouts
10. The Theory Of the Theme
11. Creating Shows Within Your Show
12. The Art of Transparency
13. Thriving with Animation
14. More with Animation

Part Three:
Survival Skills for the Non-Designer

15. The Meaning Of Design
16. Too Much Text!
17. Designing Presentations for Remote Delivery
18. It’s Nice to Share
19. Real-World Makeovers

Part Four:
Death, Taxes, and Public Speaking

20. Better than Bullets
21. Fighting Nerves
22. Working the Room
23. Thoughts From The Experts

Part Five:
Working Smarter, Presenting Better

24. Creating a Smarter Interface
25. Creating Intelligent Presentations
26. Fabulous Photos
27. Junk & Miscellany

A Sampling

Sample Files and Finished Examples

Click any file to open or download. If your browser offers the choice, we recommend that you save the files to your computer so that they would then open in the appropriate applications. All filenames correspond directly with the figure numbers in the book or with specific topics covered. You can also:

Download an entire .zip file of all third edition files.

Download all of the second edition files.

Download all of the first edition files.

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