Going virtual might not be anyone’s first choice, but our exhibitors might actually prefer it. We won’t impose our usual cap of 200 so we might get twice the number of attendees this year. And we know how passionate this group is — we’ll do everything technology allows to ensure that all of that energy transfers so our exhibitors can engage with them at the highest level possible.”

Rick Altman, conference host

Cool technology meets blazing passion at the 2020 Presentation Summit

We’re going virtual this year and opportunities for partnering have never been greater


We have space for up to 18 exhibitors to showcase their products and technology in our virtual exhibit hall, open across all four days.


The Summit brings together the most ambitious and dedicated users of presentation software and technology. Design your virtual presence, utilizing recorded videos, product demos, live chat, on-demand video, and complete lead tracking.


Take advantage of over a dozen opportunities to showcase your expertise before the entire group of conference patrons. Most of our webinars and keynotes will include sponsorship and branding opportunities.

What are you waiting for??

You will not find a more targeted and attractive demographic for presentation goods and services anywhere on the planet.