Do you have a great story to tell?

We would like to hear it

We know from 25 years of experience in the conference business how important it is to present the most useful and engaging material, and have it presented in the most professional manner. It is what separates us from a trade show that cares more about its traffic flow and attendance figures than its seminar tracks. There are several prerequisites for speaking at the Presentation Summit—we call them our three Ps:


You have something unique to say on a topic of interest to presentation pros; you have undertaken an extraordinary project that others would benefit from; or you have devised a clever way of producing something that otherwise would be difficult.


You have proven and demonstrable experience speaking before a group and can furnish a video clip as a sample.


If you intend to show software technique, you are comfortable being your own narrator as you take hand to mouse to drive the software while a crowd of many dozens watches you.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The presentation seeks excellence in all its possible forms and from the widest group of talent. The prerequisite of experience and expertise is considerable and we lower it for nobody. We welcome qualified applicants from every culture, every ethnic group, and every socio-economic class that exists in the known universe.

Delivering a Seminar or Workshop

Our presentations are 10, 30, and 45 minutes long. They typically take one of four forms:

  1. A general session or keynote about a topic of universal interest
  2. A compelling story about how the presentation medium was used for extraordinary purpose
  3. A step-by-step journey through how a slide deck was created, using an imaginative technique, clever workaround, or compelling design
  4. Authoritative advice with respect to best practices in presentation.

In all of these cases, you would be expected to prepare handout material, following a specific editorial guideline which we would furnish. You would also allow us to place finished files and/or the building blocks for a project on our conference download site, so the patrons can get a refresher on your message and/or reverse-engineer your techniques upon their return home.

Two moments of reality, based on our experience:

1. Giving a presentation about presentations to an audience of presentation professionals represents a unique challenge. Speaking candidly, to be thought of as the PowerPoint guru within a specific industry is not sufficient credential to qualify you to speak at the Summit. This group will not impress as easily as your peers back home.

2. Speaking at the Summit is not necessarily your free pass to it. We regularly receive proposals from patrons and sponsors to speak at the conference and we are always looking to cultivate new talent. In most cases, you would be expected to register for the conference as a patron or as an exhibitor/sponsor. If you are invited to speak and you accept, a personal honorarium would be paid to you, separate from any fees you might pay to attend the conference.