“The Best Technical Support on the Planet”

The Help Center concept that we bring to our conferences has become almost legendary and the virtual version of it has been no exception. It is thought by many to be the finest technical support avenue you will find anywhere in the world. We hand pick our Help Center team, culling from the most expert trainers, the most prominent authors, and the most notable troubleshooters.

These people have a single mission: To help you get your questions answered. That’s it. For the four days of the Summit, their sole focus is on you and your issues. Some of the workarounds and solutions that have been devised in the Help Center have gone on to be the subjects of magazine articles, long on-line discussion threads, chapters in books, and even new features in the software. Memorable stories have been forged over the years in the Center, becoming part of permanent conference lore.

The Help Center will open first thing in the morning to both roomies and Zoomies. In either case, you can either make an appointment or just pop in. It generally stays open as long as there are people who want to engage, even if that means it stays open into the night. That has happened many times.