Because we don’t just stop at seminars

Here is our lineup of special programs and after-hours events, listed here in chronological order. Most are available to both of our audiences. Some require reservations ahead of time. Sign up for as many as you'd like.

Presentation Makeovers

Multiple times and sessions

We are enthusiastically accepting candidates for showcase and makeover sessions. To many, this is the most rewarding aspect of our curriculum, and at the same time the most important contribution you can make to the fabric of the conference. Julie Terberg is our Makeover Mentor, conference host Rick Altman conducts Real-World Makeovers for the Design-Challenged on Tuesday, and several other sessions rely on contributions from our patrons.

Hover over each of these before images to see their makeovers. Then imagine what kind of magic our designers might be able to spin for you. These makeovers would cost over $1,000 out in the world, but you would get yours at the Summit at no extra charge.

Sunday Crash Courses

All day, Sunday Oct 9

You won’t find a better way to jumpstart your conference experience than with our lineup of optional courses. Each two-hour workshop offers a meaty dive into a topic of fundamental interest to the presentation professional. Whether it is better delivery in front of an audience, insights into presentation design, or a primer on data visualization, these might be the best $169 you’ll ever spend. Open to both audiences, as all three courses will be live-streamed.

Business Round Tables

Sunday evening, Oct 9

Join us after dinner on Sunday with an informal birds-of-a-feather gathering. For those interested in the business of presentation consulting, Nolan Haims leads the Entrepreneur’s Round Table. This low-key discussion is for anyone who has hung out, or is considering hanging out, his or her own shingle. It will begin at 9:00p at a location within the hotel to be announced.

This gathering is for our in-person audience.

The PowerPoint Trivia Contest

Monday, Oct 10

Our after-hours program comes alive with our now-famous PowerPoint Trivia Contest, featuring up to a dozen contestants competing on three teams for good-natured bragging rights and prizes. This takes place right after seminars break on Monday, the first day of the conference, and promises to be a great ice-breaker for participants and spectators.

This year’s event will be especially friendly to both of our audiences, as the conference is teaming up with The Game Agency, the only outfit authorized to stage JEOPARDY outside of the actual television show. Members of both of our audiences will be able to compete in JEOPARDY. We will be blending it with our usual nonsense and hilarity, featuring three teams of contestants from our in-person audience.

For the in-person portion of the game, please note that you do not need to be an expert user to participate; puzzle-solving, clue-giving skills, and being a good team player are more valuable to a team than PowerPoint knowledge. And humor and enthusiasm are perhaps the most important qualities of all!

This event is open to patrons and exhibitors from both audiences.

PowerPoint Karaoke

Tuesday, Oct 11

PowerPoint Karaoke is a party game, presentation exercise, group challenge, and just plain hilarious all at the same time. Presenters will present slides they’ve never seen before. Thinking quickly on your feet while remembering all the important rules of good presenting is great practice for any communicator. You’ll take away an activity that is as at home in your office team building exercises as it is for home game night. 

All attendees are invited to apply—patrons, exhibitors, team members—from both of our audiences.

The Pecha Kucha Revolution

Wednesday, Oct 12

We pay homage to an innovative style of presentation known as Pecha Kucha: 20 slides, 20 seconds each. What first might seem confining becomes liberating, as patrons learn to trust their own storytelling skills. It is a wonderful antidote to Death by PowerPoint because it forces you to develop your talk track first. This session will be led by Ric Bretschneider, one of the pioneers of the discipline, who will provide coaching and assistance before the conference.

Each year we accept about a half-dozen volunteers to participate. You will be glad to be one of them!

Both audiences can apply to participate.

Digital Photography Field Trip

Tuesday, Aug 11

Our resident digital photographer will be leading our traditional Tuesday field trip, in which 15 of you will head out with your digital cameras. You will learn to identify photo opportunities, work your camera to its potential, and increase your enjoyment. There is no charge to attend, but this special seminar is limited to 15 people and you must sign up in advance. You would return to the hotel after lunch, and if you would like, a box lunch will be provided that you could take with you. This field trip fills up fast, and we will give priority to those who have not taken it in previous years.

For our in-person audience

Evening Receptions

From Saturday’s happy hour for early arrivers to Wednesday’s post-conference wind-down, you will get to socialize with your new conference buddies every evening. Most of these gatherings are hosted.

Dinners Out

Our staff will happily help you plan dinner and evening excursions around the resort or to restaurants nearby. Just wait until you meet Jennifer—her badge reads “Cruise Director.”

Tuesday Night Party

Join us Tuesday evening in San Diego’s historic Old Town for an outdoor celebration with an authentic local vibe and live music. Board the trolley across the street from our hotel for a short ride to Fiesta de Reyes where we will gather to enjoy margaritas, delicious Mexican fare, and music from the very talented Antonio Fe.

We hope everyone will join in to commemorate the conference’s 20th anniversary and celebrate the amazing community that has grown from this event as we toast all we’ve learned and friends we’ve met.


Those able to stay on after the conference get to wind down with us as we become tourists or beach bums. We hope you can plan your schedule to join us for that.

For our virtual audience

  • Sunday Meet ’N Greet
  • Morning Coffee Klatches
  • Lunchtime Discussions
  • Afternoon Happy Hours

We will offer regular check-ins for our virtual audience, so you will always know what’s happening, where to go., and how to get questions answered.

Dedicated MC

The uber-extroverted John Chen joins our team with a sole purpose: to keep you engaged and see to your every virtual need. He is hard to say no to, so when he suggests that he’s going to get a keynote speaker, a popular presenter, or the conference host to join him in his virtual studio, you can bank on that happening.