Opportunities for
third-party partnerships
Cool technology meets
blazing passion at the Summit​

Virtual and in-person exhibit halls, live interaction at both, multiple branding opportunities

Building community with a personal touch

Eighteen years and thriving at the Summit

As a hybrid event, opportunities for partnering have never been greater


We have space for up to a dozen exhibitors in person and several dozen in our virtual exhibit hall. You can build your presence in both and showcase your products and services.


The Summit brings together the most ambitious and dedicated users of presentation software and technology. In both environments, you get complete lead tracking and follow-up opportunities.


Take advantage of over a dozen opportunities to showcase your expertise before the entire group of conference patrons. Our keynote addresses include sponsorship and branding opportunities in both environments.

We cap in-person attendance at 200 patrons, but our virtual audience might be much larger. Design your in-person presence as you always would and your virtual presence with recorded videos, product demos, downloadable resources, and live text and video chat.


Three tiers of participation

The following opportunities are available to organizations whose products and services complement and contribute to the atmosphere of learning and discovery that we create. No matter which of these you choose, you get to create a virtual exhibit at no additional charge.


$ 2,495
  • Skirted table for display and space for self-standing signage
  • Authorization to sell product
  • Power-drop and Internet supplied by the conference
  • No hidden drayage or third-party fees
  • Prominent presence in printed conference guidebook and app
  • One-time post-conference email blast
  • Full-access conference admission for one person; additional company representatives at 50% of the conference price


$ 2,995
  • Includes everything offered in Silver, plus one of the following 10-minute speaking opportunities:
  • Sun evening opening reception
  • Mon lunch keynote
  • Mon afternoon Trivia Contest
  • Tue lunch keynote
  • Tue evening reception
  • Wed afternoon reception
  • Full-access conference admission for two people; additional company representatives at 50% of the conference price


$ 3,695
  • Includes everything offered in Silver, plus one of the following 10-minute speaking opportunities. Unlike the Gold options, these include full A/V, making possible a short demo or multimedia presentation
  • Mon afternoon keynote
  • Tue afternoon keynote
  • Wed morning keynote
  • Full-access conference admission for two people; additional company representatives at 50% of the conference price

Additional branding options

Any of our partners can increase their exposure by adding one or more of the following. Most of these are in-kind opportunities, whereby you pay for the cost of the goods but we do not add an extra fee. As a result, these prices are close estimates.

The Tote Bag

In addition to shirts, we distribute sturdy and attractive canvas totes to all patrons, and your company’s name and logo could be imprinted on every one of them. These are much better than the cheap bags given out at trade shows, and as a result, our patrons tend to take our bags with them to other shows.


The Conference T-Shirt

All patrons receive a 100% cotton conference shirt as part of their registration. Your company could be the presenting sponsor for the shirt and have its logo prominently displayed on the back of the shirt. Our long-lasting shirts are worn for years—we have regular patrons who are still wearing the all-black and rich purple shirts from earlier years.


Water Bottles

We aspire to eliminate single-use plastics, while also taking seriously our responsibility to keep our patrons hydrated. Every patron will receive a water bottle and refill stations will be positioned throughout the ballrooms. Your branding can be all over it.


The Lanyard

Your company’s name can adorn the high-quality cotton lanyards, to be distributed to each conference attendee at registration and worn throughout the event (it’s one of our few requirements—patrons must wear their badges!). This is a great opportunity for name recognition with each patron.



Affordable, Accessible, Invaluable

The Presentation Summit offers the friendliest sponsorship prices in its history, as the hard costs of a virtual conference are orders of magnitude below those of an in-person event.

If you have always wanted to attend but couldn’t find the time or the room inside your promotional budget, a virtual exhibit is the way to go.

Join our Virtual Exhibit Hall

Mon Sep 26 - Wed Sep 29
$ 1,295
  • Customized design of your virtual exhibit booth
  • Prepare on-demand videos
  • Live chat via keyboard or video
  • Ability to make appointments for private meetings
  • Easy exchange of contact info
  • Exhibit booth stays open until March 2022 (as new registrants hit the platform and original ones return to watch seminars they missed)
  • Full reporting of all engagements and contacts made
  • One full conference pass, additional company reps attend for $495 ($100 off of regular price)
  • In-person partners get a virtual expo booth at no additional charge (they pay one of the three prices in the previous section, but not an additional $1,295)
Put your best foot forward and design your own exhibit booth (click to see larger image).

Additional branding options

All of our virtual keynotes and seminars are available for lower-third branding. You can choose a keynote address, where you get all eyeballs at once , or a seminar time slot, in which you can brand both of the two concurrent seminars.

Optional Seminar Branding

Available for all seminars and keynotes
$ 795
  Per time slot
  • Your logo, your branding, your message
  • Integrated and skinned to the video interface
  • Both concurrent tracks at once, customizable messages for each seminar
Get in front of all of our patrons when they are paying the most attention (click to see larger image).

CANCELLATIONS: 80% refund given if cancellation is received in writing more than 21 days before event; 40% refund if between 14 and 21 days before event; no refund within 14 days of event.

What are you waiting for??

You will not find a more targeted and attractive demographic for presentation goods and services anywhere on the planet.