Neet to convince someone that you should go?

Here is a sample email that you could send to a decision maker, extolling the virtues and benefits of attendance.

FROM: [yourname]

TO: [your supervisor’s name]
RE: Improvement of my PowerPoint skills and presentation effectiveness

I understand how, despite the improvements in our economy, our company needs to control its training costs and I know that it is looking for ways to get the most for the money it spends in every area. There is a cost-effective professional education conference this summer that will help our team with its presentation development and delivery skills, while reducing expenses and resources needed to craft, design, build, and deliver presentations to the level expected of our organization.

I would like to attend the 2020 Presentation Summit in Seattle WA, Aug 9-12. The Summit is hosted by well-known author and presentations consultant Rick Altman — he and his team will present over 35 seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses over three days (four counting Sunday). Topics cover all aspects of presentation: message crafting, presentation design, slide creation technique, and delivery. Here are a few that I think would be particularly helpful:

[Visit the seminar schedule and select the seminar titles that you think would provide the most benefit for your company.]

Costs and Benefits

The registration fee is among the lowest of any I have found for a multi-day event — under $1,600. The room rate at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington is under $220/night, and flying to Seattle will cost about [________]. It is a simple Uber ride to and from the airport and I will not need to rent a car.

With the current economic conditions, everyone at [your company] is being asked to spend wisely and control costs wherever possible. This conference is a small capital investment and yet a giant leap in empowering me and others involved in presentations to up our games. The seminars will provide us with essential knowledge about the best way to design and deliver presentations, and the technical sessions will teach us much more about PowerPoint than we could learn otherwise.

This knowledge will enable us to handle [a particular client or project] with more professionalism and confidence, which will reflect favorably on all of us.