Our Life in Softball

Put Me in, Coach!

This page is dedicated to our years in Pleasanton Girls softball and all of the wonderful friends made and relationships formed. These videos, thanks to various parents and players who brought their cameras to the fields, were shown at traditional end-of-season parties. Click on video to play; use icon at lower-right to toggle full-screen viewing.


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5 thoughts on “Our Life in Softball”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Rick. It’s indeed been a great ride…and was fun to review the pictures. Wasn’t it all just yesterday when they started? Sniff, sniff….

  2. Nancy Krakauer

    Thanks Rick! Carly and I had fun watching! Count us in for a reunion whiffle ball game! Sounds like fun!

  3. I can speak for other moms that it’s so nice to have men like you and Coach Q who really build into these young women and help them find their talents and find ways to appreciate themselves outside of scholastic achievements. Thanks for being a part of softball all these years! In great appreciation and respect — Siena’s Mom

  4. Connie Quintanal

    I, who shall remain nameless, aka Connie, blame it all on Mark Teitell. It was his fault. Thanks Rick…Pleasanton Girls Softball…..the time of my life…great memories. So glad Becky and I were on the same team so I had someone who could understand what it means to be a coaches wife and have to listen to the strategy from pre-draft through the last playoff game and beyond.

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