Creative professionals…computer experts

SCAN PHOTOS, TOUCH UP, CONVERT VIDEO: If it can be seen with your eyes, viewed on a computer screen, or watched on a television, we can use it in the creation of your video. Don’t worry about bad backgrounds, red eye, or the ill-timed bunny ears—we can fix all of that. Our studios contain seven computers, Mac and Windows, and a deck of over two dozen software programs for creating digital movies of the highest grade.

MUSIC: Tell us your favorite songs or leave it to us. Either way, we know that the most effective way to evoke emotion is with the careful blend of song and imagery.

BEAUTY FROM CHAOS: If you send your photos off to a typical DVD service, they will sequence them in the order in which they receive them, and that is usually not the best way to tell a story. Presenting life in pictures is rarely a straight line, and when you hire our team, we become a member of your family for the week, asking you who that person is next to the bride, who’s cheering on the sidelines as Johnny crosses mid-field on a breakaway, and what happened right after that terrific toast that your spouse gave. We might ask you to locate a specific type of photo that we want to use as a background; we might ask you if we can take a specific photo. Creativity is not routine and neither will our efforts be.

NO COOKIE CUTTERS: The movie that we make for you will be like no other. We do not use templates and we don’t make clones. The tone, the tenor, and the tempo will be as unique as your experiences.

OUTPUT: Each of our customers receives a DVD that will play on any computer with a DVD drive and 99% of all DVD players connected to televisions. And you’ll get much more from us:

  • Every photo used in the movie, and the outtakes, included on the disc
  • A portable version of the movie that will play from a USB memory stick on any Windows or Mac PC
  • Streaming video to play on a website
  • Compressed video that will play on mobile phones, PDAs, and iPods
  • Your movie as a screen saver

This might sound like rocket science to you; it is a day in the office for us.