Priceless memories, reasonable pricing

Unlike other services, we do not offer different pricing dependent upon how “fancy” we make your movie. We only know one way to create, and that is to the highest standard that we can achieve. Our charges are based on three factors: 1) the quantity of photos that you want represented; 2) the amount of digitizing (scanning and converting) you need; and 3) the various ways that you want the movie to be produced and shown. Most projects are done within the base price of $850.

Up to 200 photos and two video clips, supplied digitally
Slide show creation
Delivered on custom-designed DVD
PC- and Mac-compatible movie files created
Captions as appropriate and as requested
Audio tracks chosen by you or by us
Audio editing/fading to fit musical themes
Private consultation via telephone or in person
Photo retouching, repair, enhancements
Comprehensive proof for customer approval
Conversion to smartphone format
Streaming online video

Additional copies of DVD
Additional photos beyond 200
Additional video clips beyond two
Customized voice-over throughout movie
Menu-driven DVD with links to sections
$25.00 each
$1.00 each
$35.00 each

Photo scanning
Video transfer to DV
$3.50 per photo
$2 per minute

Presentation of video at event
Use of Pentium IV notebook, 2000-lumen XGA projector,
96-inch screen, professional-grade loudspeakers
Within 925 area code
510 area code
408 area code
650 area code
415 area code
$250 – 300
$275 – 325
$300 – 400
We understand that special projects and unusual circumstances might warrant flexible pricing. You can contact us, using the link at the top of this page, to discuss.