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These video clips will play on any PC or Mac. All clips will stream to your computer or device, regardless of your Internet connection, however broadband Internet connection or WiFi is recommended.


WEDDING: This couple chose a tropical island for their wedding site. This movie
includes a Kenny Chesny song spliced into the middle of another Chesny song and
a stylized version of a group photo used as the backdrop for other photos. (5.05 in length)


BAR MITZVAH: This mosaic of photos features three things: 1) a very upbeat song
with many closely-syncrhonized cuts; 2) the music of Dan Nichols, well-known
Jewish rocker; and 3) an ending that includes photos taken after the ceremony, just
two hours before this video was shown at the reception. (5.25)


HOMAGE TO THE RED SOX FAN: This celebration of a young sports enthusiast
gives everyone box seats at Fenway Park, with the musical backdrop of the unofficial
anthem of the team. (1.51)


PERFORMERS: This duo of singer-songwriters specializes in exotic instruments
and a polynesian tone. This promotional video, featuring their cover of a Sting
original, can be sent out on demo CDs or downloaded from the group’s website. (4.02)


MILESTONE ANNIVERSARY: For this couple’s 50th wedding anniversary,
this movie features video clips shot back in 1953, and a bit of trickery to
compensate for the fact that they did not have a photo taken together during
their honeymoon at Niagara Falls. In the photo above, the groom was not
actually there! (4.16)


SPORTS TEAM: The end-of-season party is the ideal place to honor young
athletes. A movie like this one can be shown to the entire team and then
distributed on DVD. (3.41)


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