Our Unique Expertise

Creating memories for a lifetime

Today, just about every big event has two or three digital photographers and a couple people with their camcorders. Saturday’s soccer game…Sunday’s birthday party…last month’s bar mitzvah…next month’s family reunion. There is the photographer that you hire…the uncle with his new digital SLR…your teenager with her smartphone…in the digital age, there is rarely a shortage of photos.

It’s what you do with those photos that makes the difference between lost memories and cherished ones, and that is the service that we provide better than anyone. We take the imagery from significant events and create video and DVD keepsakes, set to music, that will bring tears to the eyes and joy to the hearts of all of your loved ones. The era of boring home movies or half-baked PowerPoint files is over: the video that we create from your family vacation, reunion, religious occasion, soccer party, surprise party, et al, will provide warm enjoyment for the entire family. And it will last forever.

What is a DVD Keepsake?

We combine your photographs and video clips with music to create a digital movie you can show at a party, family event, or in the comfort of your home. We bring your images to life on DVD, using sophisticated software, direction from you, and our own artistry and expertise. Our DVDs will last forever, which is just about for how long you will want to play them.