We make movies from your life

Your photos and video…our creativity and expertise…memories that will last forever…

The perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, b’nai mitzvah, graduations, coaches and players, memorials, roasts and toasts, and any other event in a person’s or family’s lifecycle that deserves to be remembered fondly.

Creating memories for a lifetime

Today, just about every big event has two or three digital photographers and a couple people with their camcorders. Saturday’s soccer game…Sunday’s birthday party…last month’s bar mitzvah…next month’s family reunion. There is the photographer that you hire…the uncle with his new digital SLR…your teenager with her smartphone…in the digital age, there is rarely a shortage of photos.

It’s what you do with those photos that makes the difference between lost memories and cherished ones, and that is the service that we provide better than anyone. We take the imagery from significant events and create video and DVD keepsakes, set to music, that will bring tears to the eyes and joy to the hearts of all of your loved ones. The era of boring home movies or half-baked PowerPoint files is over: the video that we create from your family vacation, reunion, religious occasion, soccer party, surprise party, et al, will provide warm enjoyment for the entire family. And it will last forever.

What is a DVD Keepsake?

We combine your photographs and video clips with music to create a digital movie you can show at a party, family event, or in the comfort of your home. We bring your images to life on DVD, using sophisticated software, direction from you, and our own artistry and expertise. Our DVDs will last forever, which is just about for how long you will want to play them.

Creative professionals…computer experts

SCAN PHOTOS, TOUCH UP, CONVERT VIDEO: If it can be seen with your eyes, viewed on a computer screen, or watched on a television, we can use it in the creation of your video. Don’t worry about bad backgrounds, red eye, or the ill-timed bunny ears—we can fix all of that. Our studios contain seven computers, Mac and Windows, and a deck of over two dozen software programs for creating digital movies of the highest grade.

MUSIC: Tell us your favorite songs or leave it to us. Either way, we know that the most effective way to evoke emotion is with the careful blend of song and imagery.

BEAUTY FROM CHAOS: If you send your photos off to a typical DVD service, they will sequence them in the order in which they receive them, and that is usually not the best way to tell a story. Presenting life in pictures is rarely a straight line, and when you hire our team, we become a member of your family for the week, asking you who that person is next to the bride, who’s cheering on the sidelines as Johnny crosses mid-field on a breakaway, and what happened right after that terrific toast that your spouse gave. We might ask you to locate a specific type of photo that we want to use as a background; we might ask you if we can take a specific photo. Creativity is not routine and neither will our efforts be.

NO COOKIE CUTTERS: The movie that we make for you will be like no other. We do not use templates and we don’t make clones. The tone, the tenor, and the tempo will be as unique as your experiences.

OUTPUT: Each of our customers receives a DVD that will play on any computer with a DVD drive and 99% of all DVD players connected to televisions. And you’ll get much more from us:

  • Every photo used in the movie, and the outtakes, included on the disc
  • A portable version of the movie that will play from a USB memory stick on any Windows or Mac PC
  • Streaming video to play on a website
  • Compressed video that will play on mobile phones, PDAs, and iPods
  • Your movie as a screen saver

This might sound like rocket science to you; it is a day in the office for us.

The questions we are asked most often…

What is a DVD Keepsake?

We combine your photographs and video clips with music that we choose together to create a digital movie you can show at a party, family event, or in the comfort of your home. We bring your images to life on VHS, DVD, digital video, iPod, et al, using sophisticated software, direction from you, and our own artistry and expertise. Our DVDs will last forever, which is just about for how long you will want to play them…

Do we hire you to photograph the event?

We are experienced photographers, and we frequently take photos to fill gaps in a project, but we are not in the event photography business. If you are planning a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, or other big event, we recommend that you hire a dedicated photographer or videographer and then have us work directly with him or her or have you send us the digital files afterward. For smaller events, we find that this is no longer essential, as so many in attendance will be taking digital photos or shooting video. Our advice in that case is simple: Take hundreds of photos; you’re bound to get a few outstanding ones, many good ones, and dozens that we can use even if they’re not perfect. We are very good at isolating and using good parts of a photo that you might otherwise reject.

Do you create movies to be shown at big events or do you create them of the events to be shown afterward?

We do both…and sometimes we can do both at the same time. Showing a professional-grade slide show for family and loved ones is usually the highlight of a big event, and we have all of the gear to assist SF Bay Area customers in that: high-performance notebook, professional-grade projector, large screen, portable loudspeakers. These are typically lifecycle videos that begin with baby photos and progress through the years, and we love creating them.

We can also commemorate an event using the photos that were taken during it. These movies have a different feel to them — usually shorter and faster paced — and serve to provide lasting memories of the event. If a toast for an event is captured on video, we can incorporate it into the movie.

In the case of a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah, in which the ceremony or service is in the morning and the celebration is later in the day, we can actually incorporate photos from the morning into the movie that we show that evening.

How much lead time do you need?

If you provide digital content, 10 to 14 days. If you supply us with prints and raw video footage, we will need an additional week to digitize. The more time you give us, the more familiar we can become with the subjects in the photos, and the more personal the final result will be. That said, we have turned movies around in 48 hours for emergency projects.

Why do you not charge per photo?

We charge extra for projects with hundreds of photos, but for most projects we do not allow ourselves to count photos. Services that do charge per photo tend to look at the project in a linear fashion: Here are the photos to use, here is the order, and here is the music — assemble, burn, deliver, collect.

That just doesn’t work for what we do. We approach your project in a much more holistic fashion, determining what mood we want to create and how best to portray that mood. For instance, there is a movie on our Portfolio page in which a silhouette of two girls at the beach gradually brightens until you can see all of their detail. It is actually eight photos blended together and it was our artistic choice to pursue the effect. There is no way we could do something like that on a per-photo basis. How about the panoroma of a resort that was stitched together from seven photos — how would we charge for that? When you contract with us, you pay us to use every creative instinct and every resource we have to create a wonderful movie, irrespective of how many hours we spend in our digital darkrooms.

Which is better, photos or video?

Fortunately, we do not have to take sides, as we can incorporate both into our projects. In general, we find that video is most useful for explaining or describing something, but photos are better for capturing imagination and evoking emotion. Still imagery, brought to life with music and subtle motion, is unparalleled for stirring the senses and therefore it becomes the stock for our soup. If we had to choose just one type of content, it would be photos. But again, we don’t have to choose, and we routinely blend both into our videos.

Digital Gallery

What can we do for you?
We’ll show you…no charge

We’re so confident that you will like our work, we’ll give you a piece of it for free. Here’s how:

  • Pick up to a dozen photos that are from an event, of a theme, or just ones you like.
  • If you have a favorite song, let us know.
  • Use the form below to send them to us.
  • We’ll create a unique demo, completely personalized to the photos.

Instructions for submitting files to us:

If you know how to create a compressed “zip” file, we recommend you collect your photos into one .zip file and send that to us. Otherwise, just use this form repeatedly until all of the desired photos are sent. If it’s easier for you, you can share a dropbox folder with us or mail a flash drive to us, using these addresses.

First Name
Last Name
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Description of photos
Favorite songs?

Priceless memories, reasonable pricing

Unlike other services, we do not offer different pricing dependent upon how “fancy” we make your movie. We only know one way to create, and that is to the highest standard that we can achieve. Our charges are based on three factors: 1) the quantity of photos that you want represented; 2) the amount of digitizing (scanning and converting) you need; and 3) the various ways that you want the movie to be produced and shown. Most projects are done within the base price of $850.

Up to 200 photos and two video clips, supplied digitally
Slide show creation
Delivered on custom-designed DVD
PC- and Mac-compatible movie files created
Captions as appropriate and as requested
Audio tracks chosen by you or by us
Audio editing/fading to fit musical themes
Private consultation via telephone or in person
Photo retouching, repair, enhancements
Comprehensive proof for customer approval
Conversion to smartphone format
Streaming online video

Additional copies of DVD
Additional photos beyond 200
Additional video clips beyond two
Customized voice-over throughout movie
Menu-driven DVD with links to sections
$25.00 each
$1.00 each
$35.00 each

Photo scanning
Video transfer to DV
$3.50 per photo
$2 per minute

Presentation of video at event
Use of Pentium IV notebook, 2000-lumen XGA projector,
96-inch screen, professional-grade loudspeakers
Within 925 area code
510 area code
408 area code
650 area code
415 area code
$250 – 300
$275 – 325
$300 – 400
We understand that special projects and unusual circumstances might warrant flexible pricing. You can contact us, using the link at the top of this page, to discuss.