Expert assistance with all four of the critical areas of presentation


STRONG MESSAGE CRAFTING enables you to tell the story of your mission or your organization with power and weight.


SMART PRESENTATION DESIGN tells the world that you know the right way to deliver information: spoken, shown, and printed.

EFFECTIVE POWERPOINT TECHNIQUE helps you eliminate hours of tedium and create efficient workflow.

SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY empowers you to find the most genuine version of yourself.

Our training to you

Public workshops are wonderful for meeting peers, but there is no comparison to the level of personalized service and the depth of instruction that we can bring to your organization for presentation skills development.

Across one day or two, we work with you to create a completely tailored and customized curriculum, using your own work whenever possible as the basis for instruction, example, and discussion. There is nothing cookie-cutter or canned about the experience — it is all about you, your message, your slides, your issues, your opportunities, and your growth as presentation content designers, creators, and presenters.

This is the bread and butter of what we do; see the video section for various snippets of the key messages that we bring to presentation skills development.

The difference between design and decoration

We know how difficult it is for earnest content creators to produce good-looking slides when they usually have little or no formal training in design and when the project is due yesterday. We know how easy it is to go on auto-pilot and roll out hurried slides, or worse, generic ones from templates that came with the software.

Presentation design is about much more than attractive slides. Do your company’s slides begin with “Who we are” and “What we do” slides? Is your primary selling device the facts and figures that make up the logical reasons to act? You should know that very few decision makers pull the trigger unless their gut tells them to. The best presentations are those that evoke emotions, not hammer facts. Shaping your ideas well is the first step to selling your company, your business, and your expertise to an audience.

Whether your issues are unremarkable slide design, deficient messaging, or both, we can help you navigate these waters. From the 11th hour fix or the cleaning up of slide disasters to a comprehensive re-branding initiative, we are masters at creating clean, businesslike slides, with intelligent builds, engaging photos, and evocative messages.

“PowerPoint is easy…I learned it in an hour.”

The headline above is a true statement. The real question is whether that is good news or bad. We think it is bad news…very, very bad.

PowerPoint is probably the easiest program in the Office suite for getting started and learning rudimentary skills. Most people declare themselves proficient after less than an hour of PowerPoint training. This wouldn’t be so distressing if these same people used the software only in their own cubicles, as they do with Excel and Access. But most presenters practice their craft in public…can you say Death by PowerPoint?

If you are like most, you no longer call yourself a beginner, but you never really learned the fundamentals of the program and have little comfort with the finer skills and techniques that would increase your productivity and make you, or the people for whom you create presentations, more effective during delivery. Custom shows, triggered actions, sequenced animations, intelligent hyperlinks, confidence with imported audio and video — there is a whole world waiting to be discovered by people willing to move beyond the skillset defined in the first hour of PowerPoint training.

Would you rather be in the casket?

The specter of speaking in public is reminiscent of the Jerry Seinfeld line in which he places speaking in public ahead of dying as society’s greatest fear. “That means,” he says, “that the person delivering the eulogy would rather be in the box.”

Please don’t do anything rash before calling us. You might not be a natural-born speaker, but you can still become an effective public presenter. There are specific tactics, skills, and behaviors that you can learn to help you become more relaxed and more comfortable in delivering your message. Altman is an expert at bringing out your best by enabling you to genuinely speak to critical narratives and helping you integrate more smoothly with your PowerPoint slides.

Altman in Action

Presentation Makeovers

Hover over each of these before images to see their makeovers. Then imagine what kind of improvement we could bring to your slides.

Animation Sequences

These examples demonstrate the use of PowerPoint’s Animation engine and how it can help a presenter tell better stories.


Client Review

Written, illustrated, and formatted critiques of presentation work.

A who’s who of corporate, government, and educational institutions

A partial list of the companies who have turned to Rick Altman for consulting services, software training, and seminars. To speak with representatives from any of these organizations, use the Contact button at the bottom of this page.

(We review this list on a bi-annual basis — some of the companies listed above might not still be within the first 100.)

Anthem; AT&T; Bank of America Corp; Boeing Corp.; Chevron; Cisco Systems; The Coca-Cola Company; ConocoPhillips; FedEx Corp; Ford Motor Company; General Motors Corp; Intel Corp; Johnson Controls Inc; Lockheed Martin Corp; Merck & Company; MetLife Inc; Microsoft Corp; New York Life; State Farm Insurance Companies; The Procter & Gamble Company; Prudential Financial; UnitedHealth Group; United Parcel Service Inc; Verizon; Wells Fargo & Company

American Fidelity Assurance; American Century Investments; Applied Materials; ASPCA; AstraZeneca; Boy Scouts of America; BP America; Blue Cross Blue Shield; BP America; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Chicago Tribune; Chick-fil-A; Choice Hotels International; Cox Media Group; Curtiss Wright; Deutsche Bank; Discover Financial Services; DynCorp; Fidelity Investments; Goodrich; Grundfos Pumps Corp.; Haws Corporation; Hewlett-Packard Company; Idaho Power; The J.M. Smucker Company; Johns Hopkins Medicine; Kemper Securities Inc.; KPMG; Kraft Foods; LDS Church; Liberty Mutual; Manulife Financial; Marriott International; MasterCard; Mayo Clinic; MetLife; Micron; Mitsubishi Electric; MOM Brands; Motorola; NBCUniversal; Occidental Oil & Gas Corp.; Old Navy; Raytheon; Safeway; Siemens Power Generation; Sony Electronics Inc.; Spring Corp; T. Rowe Price; UnitedHealthOne; US Airways; Turner Broadcasting; UNISYS Corp.; Vanguard; The Walt Disney Company; Western Digital; WorldatWork
Air Resources Board; Alaska Fisheries Science Center; CalPERS; Centers for Disease Control; Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; Department of Commerce; Department of Education; Department of Energy; Department of Housing and Urban Development; Department of Treasury; Environmental Protection Agency; Federal Aviation Administration; Federal Bureau of Prisons; Federal Highway Administration; Food and Drug Administration; Joint Command and Control Warfare; National Credit Union Administration; National Weather Service; Northrop Grumman Corp; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Ontario Provincial Police; Public Safety Canada; Social Security Administration; State of California; The World Bank; U.S. Army; U.S. Army Corp of Engineers; USAA Insurance; U.S. Air Force; U.S. Postal Service; U.S. Geological Survey; Yosemite National Park
Angelo State University; Arizona State University; Ashland University; Bellevue University; Bismark State College; California State University; Central Missouri State University; Colorado State University; Ferris State University; Kaplan University; Michigan State Univ.; Northern Illinois University; Northland Community & Technical College; Northwestern University; NYU Medical Center; Ohio State Medical Center; Portland State University; Public Policy Center; Stanford University; Texas A & M; Texas Transportation Institute; University of Georgia; University of Nebraska; University of Oklahoma; University of Texas; Utah Education Network; Utah Valley University; Virginia Commonwealth University; Wharton, U. of Pennsylvania