Podcast: Nick Morgan discusses how to be an intentional, charismatic, and convincing presenter

Bob Klanac: Welcome to the 2017 Presentation Summit podcast where we interview the speakers and presenters who will make this year’s conference both entertaining and educational for our attendees. My name is Bob Klanac and in this episode, we’ll be speaking to Dr. Nick Morgan. Nick’s going to talk today about learning the power cues …

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Carmen Simon headlines the 2017 Presentation Summit

The 2017 Presentation Summit will kick off Monday morning, Sep 25, with one of its most popular speakers of all time, as Dr. Carmen Simon delivers the conference’s opening keynote address. The noted neuroscientist and author of the newly-acclaimed Impossible to Ignore, Dr. Simon will speak on “The Fiction of Storytelling,” and will challenge conference …

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The Summit and the Guild: Match Made in Heaven?

Attend the conference, join the Guild for free Two organizations with arguably the most passion for the presentation experience are joining forces, as the longest-running conference for the industry, the Presentation Summit, and the Presentation Guild, the newest voice for the community, announced a strategic partnership for 2017. The benefits to the end-user community are …

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Many of our patrons arrive at the conference on Saturday for better airfare and/or more relaxed travel. As a result, one of the most popular parts of the event has been our optional crash course program. These two-hour workshops are designed to jump-start your conference experience, offering primers on the fundamentals and on topics with which you might not be familiar or feel you might need a bit more grounding. These courses carry a modest extra fee; they are the only part of the curriculum that is not covered by your registration fee.

We will announce our three crash courses for 2020 soon after the new year; for reference here are the 2019 offerings, and they follow our established pattern: a workshop on presentation skills, another on presentation design, and one on an essential PowerPoint skill or technique.

Present with Presence
How do elite speakers succeed? Learn the secrets
Presenting is a blend of the artistic and the technical. This two-hour interactive workshop explores how elite speakers deliver messages with power and impact.

Farewell to Death by PowerPoint!

A guide to the presentation universe
Can a two-hour course arm you with all of the fundamentals for effective presentation work? This one will try with a tour of all four of the key tenets to good presentation: message, design, PowerPoint, and delivery. It is the perfect jump-start to your conference experience. This is normally an $895 workshop and is only offered here to conference patrons; no day passes available.

From Story to Slides
A killer start-to-finish approach to making amazing presentations
Create clear, compelling, and powerful presentations in less time and with higher success.

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