The The Presentation Summit, Sep 27-30, 2015

Sep 27-30, New Orleans LA

A Very Talented Team

Our team will evolve over the next several months. For reference, here is our 2014 team of presenters, Help Center personnel and other technical specialists.

Rick Altman

Rick has been hosting end-user conferences since 1989. He is the author of 15 books on presentations and graphics, including “Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck…and how you can make them better.”

Geetesh Bajaj

Geetesh does three things: he runs a PowerPoint specific site called, he trains business users in creating and delivering presentations, and he writes books. When he is not doing any of these, he is probably traveling somewhere. Based in Hyderabad India, he has been a Most Valued Professional (MVP) for PowerPoint since 2001 and has attended all 11 conferences, selflessly giving of his time and expertise in the Help Center.

Robert Befus

Bob Befus is passionate about helping scientists and clinicians present the results of their research. In the 1980s, he co-founded Spectrum Multi Media Inc. as a full-service presentation graphics company servicing medical and pharmaceutical organizations. In later years, the company name was changed to Research Presentation Strategies to reflect its focus on helping customers with high profile regulatory and scientific presentations. He has worked in just about every area of presentation graphics—digital presentations, video production and interactive multimedia.

Ric Bretschneider

Ric spent over 17 years on the Microsoft PowerPoint team building features you both love and fear. He created the Microsoft PowerPoint Team blog and founded the San Jose California branch of the global Pecha Kucha presentation event. His website,, offers links to these activities and more.

Todd Dunn

As an Audiovisual Presentation Specialist with over 20 years of experience in live event production, Todd has earned a reputation for making clients look and sound great. He is a former PowerPoint MVP and has served on the InfoComm Board of Governors and as chair of InfoComm’s Presentations Council. As an entertainer and musician, Todd has played with some great names and has performed at the Montreaux and North Sea Jazz festivals. To us, he is the go-to guy for anything related to hardware or something funky that isn’t behaving properly (or something funky that is behaving, like his alto sax).

Jim Endicott

A nationally-recognized executive coach and award-winning columnist for Presentations magazine. Jim’s company, Distinction, works with clients ranging from Fortune 50 senior executive teams to small business start-ups to communicate their high stakes messages with greater influence and personal impact.

Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen is one of those PowerPoint MVPs who hang around our Help Center just waiting for you to ask a question. (Get a life, right?) Her well-known website at offers many PowerPoint tips, a blog, and the free PowerPoint Tips Newsletter. She specializes in teaching speakers and presenters to go from Death by PowerPoint to Life after PowerPoint. Finally, she is an Amazon bestselling author, even though she's not that tall.

Nolan Haims

With more than 20 years experience in the field of visual communications, Nolan helps organizations and individuals show up differently and tell better stories with fewer words. As a designer and art director, he has created high-end presentations, keynote addresses and pitches for Fortune 500 CEOs, leading financial institutions, top foundations, and all the major television networks. Nolan trains organizations to think visually and to create and give more effective presentations. He speaks at national conferences, writes extensively on visual storytelling and is recognized by Microsoft as a PowerPoint MVP. In a past life, Nolan was an award-winning magician and juggler and performed with the Moscow Circus and Vermont's Circus Smirkus before turning to theatre. He directed and wrote professionally, creating stories on stages in New York and around the country for a decade.

Isaac Harris

After marketing and business planning roles with the Microsoft Office suite, Isaac now works in the Startup Business Group, which has produced Fresh Paint, Power Map for Excel and Office Mix. Prior to Microsoft, Isaac was a systems analyst at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science and spent five years as an applications engineer, developer, and consultant in the semiconductor industry.

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore helps audiences increase profitability, professionalism and productivity through improved communications. She has authored "Power Sales Writing" and "How to Say It to Sell It!" and has been quoted in USAToday, CEO Insights, and Selling Power. She has been designated an MPI Platinum speaker for nine consecutive years and was named "Best in Class - 2010-2012" by the Professional Convention Management Association. Sue's educational degrees include a Masters of Counseling and a Fellowship supported by the University of California at Berkeley.

Sandra Johnson

Sandra Johnson is the owner and founder of Presentation Wiz, Inc., a graphics design and strategic marketing communications firm specializing in PowerPoint. A PowerPoint MVP, Sandy has more than 20 years of graphic design and strategic marketing communications experience developing and successfully implementing marketing communications programs for her clients. Sandy has been a regular attendee, staff member, and presenter at The Presentation Summit for all but its first year.

Gary Lipkowitz

Gary has been waiting for convergence his whole life. He has always loved media, entertainment and technology and is really glad to be able to “work” in these fields. He joined GoAnimate in 2011, after spending ten years in Asia working with, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Yahoo! Southeast Asia, and MTV Asia. He holds a BA (Magna Cum Laude) from NYU, an MFA in Film from Northwestern, and an MBA (With Distinction) from INSEAD. He enjoys playing ice hockey and collecting Balinese art.

Christian Lund

Christian has helped organizations across the Globe implement and manage visual identity in office platforms. He has lived and breathed PowerPoint across two decades and is the co-founder at, the world’s first platform- and device-independent template management system. He also co-owns Christian is Danish and lives in Copenhagen.

Glen Millar

Glen Millar has designed and delivered hundreds of presentations to audiences both in Australia and internationally on subjects as diverse as scientific research, environmental sustainability and presenting effectively. He works in one of Australia’s largest regional governments supervising a team of environmental professionals. Glen has been awarded an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award for PowerPoint every year since 2003.

Dave Paradi

Dave Paradi has been recognized by the media and his clients as a presentation expert. He has authored seven books on effective PowerPoint presentations and he consults on high-stakes presentations including one used to brief one of President Obama’s cabinet ministers. Dave is one of two Canadians, and one of only 13 people in North America to be recognized by Microsoft with the PowerPoint Most Valuable Professional Award for his contributions to the PowerPoint presentation community. His ideas have appeared in publications around the world.

Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson is an internationally recognized visual communication expert, presentation specialist and award-winning author. Mike regularly works with large and small companies to make clear, compelling, successful presentations. Visit and for helpful presentation tools. He also is a partner at 24 Hour Company (, a premier proposal and presentation graphics firm.

Steve Rindsberg

An MVP since 1996, Steve has assisted PowerPoint users online for ten years. He has conducted numerous seminars and written magazine articles and books on PowerPoint. In a former life, he ran a slide service bureau and learned far more about PostScript and Acrobat PDF than is reasonable for a growing boy. He is the author of many of the popular PPTools PowerPoint add-ins. He swears he talked Rick into hosting this conference in the first place. [Editor’s note: He did...]

Patti Sanchez

As the SVP of Strategic Services for Duarte, Patti Sanchez leads a team of expert writers and consultants, provides strategic counsel to clients to help them create compelling presentations that change beliefs and behavior, and defines new services and intellectual property for the agency. She's in the process of co-authoring a book with Nancy Duarte about the role of stories, symbols, and ceremonies in moving people to embrace and evangelize ideas.

Matthew Stevenson

As Fathom Creative's design lead, Matt Stevenson moves effortlessly between the realms of presentations, brand evangelism, idea generation and interactive design strategy. With a special emphasis on high-stakes pitches, he has cultivated a robust team of designers who together help clients nail their most competitive opportunities.

Echo Swinford

Echo began making slides as a medical meeting planner in 1997 and just never stopped. She uses PowerPoint as the basis for webcasts, CDs, and online applications. Her website is graced by dozens of downloadables and helpful documents, and she has been a member of the MVP team since 2000.

Julie Terberg

Julie specializes in designing creative presentations. As the owner of Terberg Design, Julie helps presenters better communicate their ideas with an audience through the use of clear visual concepts and images. She’s a member of the Microsoft PowerPoint MVP team and enjoys sharing knowledge with other presentation designers.

Doug Thomas

Doug Thomas leads the Office 15-Minute Webinars, a free weekly series with demos and Q&A at He has created and appeared in over 250 videos at Microsoft, including Office Casual, an award-winning how-to series.

Bob van Duuren

Bob van Duuren is an author and publisher in The Netherlands and a friend of the Conference for years. You'll find him in the Help Center, anywhere someone needs a hand, or anywhere someone is lifting a beverage. Wait, isn't that the description for everyone on the conference team?

John Wilson

John is the C.E.O. of PowerPoint Alchemy, based in the North of the UK, and has been a Microsoft MVP since 2007. The company specializes in writing custom PowerPoint plug-ins for major multinationals around the world. The company motto, “If it’s impossible, it might take longer” comes from John’s passion for problem solving.