Opportunities for Third-Party Partners at the Presentation Summit • Oct 23-26, 2016 • Las Vegas


The Presentation Summit promises to bring together over 200 of the most ambitious and dedicated users of presentation software and technology.


We have space for up to 18 exhibitors to showcase their products and technology at The Expo, all day on Tuesday, October 25.


Take advantage of over a dozen opportunities to showcase your expertise before the entire group of conference patrons.

We offer two tiers of participation and lots of options:

  • Skirted table for display and space for self-standing signage
  • Microphone time to discuss products and conduct giveaways
  • Authorization to sell product
  • Power-drop and Internet supplied by the conference
  • No hidden drayage or third-party fees
  • One-paragraph description in the official Conference Guidebook
  • Presence in the mobile app, available to all attendees
  • One-time post-conference email blast
  • Full-access conference admission for one person; additional company representatives at 50% of the conference price

This tier includes everything offered in the Exhibitor package, plus a 10-minute opportunity to speak before the entire assemblage. These opportunities begin Sunday evening and go through Wednesday and include lunchtime presentations, sponsorships of our keynote addresses, and after-hours receptions, both on- and off-site. Use the Inquire button below to find out which opportunities remain.

Sponsors receive two full conference admissions and can purchase additional ones at 50% of the conference price.


Any of our partners can increase their exposure by adding one or more of the following. Most of these are in-kind opportunities, whereby you pay for the cost of the goods but we do not add an extra fee.

Branding on the Conference T-Shirt: All patrons receive a 100% cotton conference shirt as part of their registration. Your company could be the presenting sponsor for the shirt and have its logo prominently displayed on the back of the shirt. Our long-lasting shirts are worn for years—we have regular patrons who are still wearing the all-black and rich purple shirts from earlier years.

Tote Bag: In addition to shirts, we distribute sturdy and attractive canvas totes to every patron, and your company’s name and logo could be imprinted on every one of them. These are much better than the cheap bags given out at trade shows, and as a result, our patrons tend to take our bags with them to other shows.

Lanyard for Badges: Your company’s name can adorn the high-quality cotton lanyard. Lanyards will be distributed to each conference attendee at registration and worn throughout the event (it’s one of our few requirements—patrons must wear their badges!). This is a great opportunity for name recognition with each patron.

Hydration Station: Attending a conference is a thirst-inducing business and we don't mess around with having drinking water handy. Every patron will receive a water bottle and refill stations will be positioned throughout the ballrooms. Your branding can be on all of it.

Charging Station: Draining smartphone batteries are the bane of existence for conference attendees. Be their hero by branding a charging tower.

Vendor Showcases: In addition to the Tuesday Expo, up to two of our partners can set up displays on Monday right in the heart of Conference Central (the ballroom which houses Registration, the Help Center, the lounge, and the theater for keynote addresses). You would be able to greet patrons and demo your products or services throughout the day.

Sunday Evening Focus Group: Our third-party partners are regularly engaged in new technologies and products and they recognize the value of seeking the feedback from a group of impassioned presentation professionals. If you would like to convene a focus group with a select number of patrons and staff people, we can help you with that. The time that we reserve for focus groups is Sunday evening, and we would help you secure meeting space at the hotel or a nearby restaurant and create the invite list.

Advertisements: Our printed conference guidebook and our mobile app both have opportunities for you to tell your story.

Donate to our Prize Pool: If you are unable to attend the conference, you can still have a presence by making a donation to our Prize Pool, which overflows to the tune of about $15,000 in product to be awarded.

What Else?? These are just a few of the opportunities to add value to your conference experience, and we're sure that creative professionals could think of others. If you have an idea for a service you would like to offer to our group that you think is in keeping with the conference theme and tone, we would love to hear about it.

You will not find a more targeted and attractive demographic for presentation goods and services anywhere on the planet.

The Presentation Summit   •  Oct 23-26, 2016  •  Las Vegas